Jennifer Bailey

Vice President of Marketing

Amy Austin, On-Air Host and Assistant Program Director

About Jennifer

Jennifer is from San Diego, California by way of the Rocky Mountains. She attended Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado and has had a varied career living out her passions and hobbies. She has ran political campaigns in Colorado and spent some time in Washington DC, started a members only ski lodge in Colorado and also worked as a Development Director for a nonprofit raising millions of dollars for a Pregnancy Resource Center in Tyler, TX.  Jennifer has an extensive background in Marketing and Events. Her favorite hobbies are all things home design and their 3 dogs: Henry Higgins, Gypsy JuJu and Winnie Winifred. She and her husband Gary of 28 years, are members of Flint Baptist Church and have 4 grown children, 4 grandchildren and adopted their 5th child in 2017 who is now 14. Pray for her, LOL.

She loves music in nearly all forms, serving others, party planning and good food which makes her a great fit at Encouragement Media Group. Fun facts- she and her husband have bought and sold 16 homes, loves gardening even though nothing ever grows and her favorite motto is “If there’s a will there’s a way!” which is a Norwegian saying that symbolizes her deep Viking roots that she is quite proud of. Especially because her husband refers to her as his “big Norwegian Viking babe”. When you meet her, ask her the story behind that one…it’s hilarious.


Amy Austin, On-Air Host and Assistant Program Director

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